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About Us

ACME Handyman was established in 1959 by the late Harry Brameld,  with 55 years of sales and excellent service to both the industry and  DIY. ACME Handyman are importers of a wide range of tools and  machinery and locally sourced equipment. We pride ourselves in being a  speciality tool supplier. All tools and machinery sold by ACME Handyman are fully guaranteed  against faulty manufacture and faulty materials. ACME has an onsite  workshop with qualified technicians to repair and service most makes of  equipment. ACME provides a delivery service to your door, and all local deliveries  are free of charge.


Continually exceed our customers' increasing expectations. Our priority 

is to  seamlessly provide products to our client's, to help them  achieve 

high productivity.


Our Vision is be a world-class provider of high quality products that 

helps consumer and  businesses achieve their goals. We will accomplish 

our Vision through our  commitment, strategic growth, outstanding 

service and competitive pricing.  


Commitment to Excellence Quality of Service  Integrity Loyalty Enthusiastic Honesty Accountability       
About us